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1~5L Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers

Place of Origin:China

Brand Name:XIYAN
Model Number:ESOC103
Instrument classification:Class II
Product name:Oxygen Machine
Power supply:110-220V/50-60Hz
Oxygen concentration:30%-85%
oxygen flow:1~5L/min
Net weight:5.5kg

Remote control:Yes
Product Features
1.Intelligent or smart control Large LCD screen display, to support intelligent operation and set oxygen supply time. It is very convenient for old people. Related data could be read in a screen. With timing function and could reach Max.999min. 2.Super quiet and power saving Operation noise is lower than 45dB, be suitable for long time oxygen uptaking, input power ≤90W. 3.Intelligent infrared control system One key setting, easy for oxygen uptaking, so convenient. 4.Oxygen anion Our product could release anion when oxygen is concentrated, it can help lungs breathe faster, uptake more oxygen. Anion and oxygen could be concentrated to enhance each other and improve immunity、 brain vita,、myocardial function and sleeping quality.This anion function is independent to open or close. 
Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers
Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers
Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers
Oxygen concentrator Manufacturers